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Name: Shea (like the butter)

Age: (must be over 13)


Theater like no other, musical theater, writing, reading, acting (hence theater), singing, roleplaying, scheming things that won't happen/are just ridiculous.

Five positive adjectives to describe yourself:
Can I first say how much I hate questions like this? Then can I go on to list all 5 of them?
Creative, bold, charming, endearing, talented.

Five negative adjectives to describe yourself:
Attention whore, egotistical (see above? That 'talented' bit. Yeah.), loud, foot-in-mouth-prone (so an adjective. Go away.), drama queen.

Favorite Sondheim show, and why:
Sweeney Todd, I'd have to say. It was my first Sondheim show that I was introduced to, and fell in love. The story, the humor, the baking, wonderful! Also, when the way you're introduced to it is one of your friends coming to tell you his second impression of you was that you would make a kick ass Lovett, you kinda grow fond of the show.

Is your life a comedy or a tragedy, and why:
Comedy. Schadenfreude, baby. Though there are tragic elements, of course, it's mostly comedic. A musical comedy is what it'd be, as my friends and I tend to break into song and dance. Not fully choreographed-harmonized-and-spontaneous song and dance, but throwing in lines from musicals, that's us. Jazz-squaring in the halls before Beauty and the Beast auditions. Someone putting on the opening music from A Chorus Line and 5 people going into the fully choreographed version they had just learned, musical comedy. Plus, comedy involves a lot of things blown out of proportion, which is going on in my life right now. And I'm queen of self-inflicted drama.
A Shakesperian musical- black comedy?

Under what circumstances would you...
Self defense, right now, is all I can think of. Then again, I'm fresh out of seeing Halloween so the idea of killing really isn't appetizing right now. I'd let someone else do it for me.
Decieve: For my own saftey, or to get ahead. Or white lies, you know that. I don't really like lying to get ahead, but if the situation calls for it, then, yes, I will do it. I don't know. It really depends on the situation.
Cheat on your significant other: Wow. NO idea. I suppose I'd think about it but never actually do it. Or if I was sure they would never ever ever find out or it was, say, Johnny Depp or someone else that fantastic. Or in a show, but then it's not really cheating, it's just acting.

What time period do you feel you belong in, and why:
Victorian England. I have a fondness for most things that take place there and find it fascinating. Recently, I've been doing a lot of research on it for an RP and it's just so interesting! I love the clothes, the idea of it, everything. Though, truth be told, I'd probably be living in the East End, because, as my mother and I have discussed intensively, while we probably had money in some past life, it would be more fun to look at what the upper class had in the Victorian age than actually have it. Besides, my love for Oliver Twist, Sweeney Todd, etc. really wants me to live there and meet said characters, even though they're fictional (well, the whole Sweeney legend existed, but not in the Sondheim way we all know and love). But I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could find a cute kid running around in a top hat picking pockets.

Final thoughts: ...No...?
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