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These are my friends...

Name: Kate

Age: (must be over 13) 18

Gender: Female

Interests: Well, it would be an understatement to say that my life = theatre. That's an understatement. I met my boyfriend through theatre, I am in both school and community shows, take my written/directed shows to regional festivals, have been to the Lenaea festival in Sacremento... my family jokes that the drama teacher sees me more than they do. Outside of theatre, I am a writer and photographer and reader. Those are my things to escape from theatre. Photography is my job, so is writing, and reading is just a hugeee pasttime. As far as physical things go, I am very active with lifting weights and ski racing. My fandoms include history and theatre. I also love learning about off-beat subjects. I surf Wikipedia for hours.

Five positive adjectives to describe yourself:
Ambitious, passionate, talented, off-beat, unique

Five negative adjectives to describe yourself:
Ruthless, cruel, competitive, insane, scary

Favorite Sondheim show, and why:
Sweeney Todd. It's actually one of my favourite shows PERIOD. It's the perfect mix of dark and light, comedy and tragedy. It is truly chilling and also very funny. I've seen it twice, know every lyric by heart. It's just... my favourite. Though, I must say, a place in my heart will ALWAYS be reserved for Forum.

Is your life a comedy or a tragedy, and why:
A mix of both. Even the tragic moments, looking back, are really quite hilarious. I have some, eh, mental disorders that make day-to-day like difficult sometimes, but my family and friends can look back on those times and laugh about them. Comedy is essential for living.

Under what circumstances would you...
Kill: For vengence. If somebody killed somebody close to me, raped them, did them wrong in a serious way, I'd go to any lengths to see them hurt just as much.
Decieve: For... well, okay, I lie a lot. It's easy to get what you want if you lie! Not seriously lie, but you know, when you forgot a homework assignment and so you don't turn it in, but the next day you go up to your teacher and say, "Hey,  did you get ________? I handed it in yesterday, but I found it in my binder. I must have passed something else in by mistake. Will you accept it?"
Cheat on your significant other: To save his life. Otherwise, there would be no way.

What time period do you feel you belong in, and why:
Either the 16th century or the 1930s. Those time periods interest me intensely, I know a lot about them, and generally would feel more at home. Though, I'd miss my computer =[

Final thoughts: ...What is is the sound of a sunset?

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