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Look on the bright side.


Age: (must be over 13)


Karate, philosophy, psychology, law, cooking, writing, art of all kinds, science, robotics, music, Japanese, literature, teh intarwebz.

Five positive adjectives to describe yourself:
Loving, peaceful, witty, forgiving, insightful.

Five negative adjectives to describe yourself:
Mistrustful, stubborn, selfish, lazy, and a harsh critic of myself.

Favorite Sondheim show, and why:

Sweeney Todd would have to be my favorite show. It's dramatic, it's funny (if you have a certain sense of humor), and the music is wonderful. In the end, it's the characters who I really love. There's no one character who is solely good or evil, and Sondheim has a knack for making you feel sympathy for everyone. Which leads me to my next favorite Sondheim show- Assassins. Yes, I know, I was supposed to pick just one, but how could I leave out the show that made me appreciate US History? Assassins also has great music, and gets you to see the other side of the story. Plus it's the fuel for all of my crack fanfiction ideas! And a few of my angsty romance ideas, but I have reservations about writing about historical figures.

Is your life a comedy or a tragedy, and why:

Comedy, because even in the most terrible, tragic situations, there's always been something funny. Like when the kid in my class told me not to worry when they had us leave school on September 11th- it was just the shark attacks. Besides, life's too short to not look on the bright side!
Do you know how tempted I was to segway into the Ballad of Guiteau? Very tempted.

Under what circumstances would you...
Self-defense and self-defense alone. Well, self-defense or the defense of a loved one. But only if there really was no other choice.
Decieve: If it would benefit someone I love. If they were better off not knowing, or if it was so I could throw them a surprise party or something.
Cheat on your significant other: No circumstances. Ever. I would never cheat.

What time period do you feel you belong in, and why:

I'd say the Victorian Era. Even though my stubbornness and my feminist ways would make me looked down on in the era, it was still a pretty interesting time. A lot of books and plays I really like take place in the time period.

Final thoughts:
Trust in tomorrow and the Lord? :D
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